Happy Tax Day!

…well, maybe not so happy. But I wanted to share a couple of things with you that may make you feel a little bit better, anyway.income-tax-image

First, this article, from Yahoo! Finance, called “Your Tax Bill Isn’t as Bad as You Think”, compares U.S. taxes to taxes in other developed countries. The bottom line is that we have a really good tax rate when looking around the globe.

Second, when it comes to tax burden by state, Texas ranks pretty good. There are multiple websites dedicated to this, all showing that Texas is great when it comes to income tax (0%), pretty bad when it comes to property tax (1.81% average), and fairly average on sales tax, all of which (depending on your income and property ownership) puts Texas residents a little bit better than average from the rest of the country. BUT, when you take cost of living into account, this ranking improves significantly, and puts Texas somewhere in (again, depending) the top 10-15 best places for overall tax burden.

I hope this helps you have a better day!

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