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2012 Market Outlook

I hate to do it, but first I’m going to address the hype around 2012 being the end of the world, according to the Mayans (who disappeared hundreds of years ago, so clearly they were off a bit on their own account). Yes, their Long Calendar of 144,000 days (~394.5 years) showed an ending just

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Christmas Eve Eve Market Update

There’s a lot of news coming in, impacting our portfolios in light trading, so I wanted to send out a market update today. As I was headed into the office, my daughter said to me “Why are you going to work on Christmas Eve Eve?” So I decided to name this update after her comment!

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Unnoticed Positives in US Consumer Spending

While the European sovereign debt crisis has topped the news of late (which will be causing a down market today as traders digest the impact of last week’s European Union fiscal pact), seemingly unnoticed are the positives. U.S. Consumer spending has been healthier than the consumer mood in recent months, but consumers are finally seeming

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